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What should stand out on the 2019 Jaguar XS?

The XJ as we know it is aging and was well over due for changes. Things like its old interior design and tech made it dull, the you have exterior design that is near obsolete. Its things like this that might contribute to its horrible resale value for first and second owners.

Seeing changes with some new Jaguar models give me hope in the brand so my expectations from first reviews are quite high. Factoring into that are comments like "Stunning outside, luxurious inside" from a Jaguar CEO along with the other comments from him below:

“indulgent, super-luxury”
“Proper luxury brands have to have an indulgent car in there somewhere,” he said. “We’ve got two: the XJ and the F-Type. If you want the room of an XJ, you might as well buy an XF — there’s not much in it — but the whole point of luxury is indulgence, so you need a car like that, something that acts as the bookend for the brand. I think we will always have that.”
So what are we to expect, an XJ successor with more F-Type DNA? Let me know what you guys think below...
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