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Originally Posted by JaguarFan View Post
What we should be looking out for is feedback on the Range Rover Velar's system because odds are more of it will be making its way across JLR. XS being the vital product we have been all told about and can see being the case with the XF, they need to pull some ideas from the Velar.

Another one is the E-Pace which much like my speculation for the XS, has taken after the Velar:

In my opinion, Ranger Rover Velar has the most modern interior design on the current market (excluding concept cars), not only big screens make it look cool, but overall style inside the car is outstanding. The only thing that is annoying in this kind of futuristic interior is fingerprints all over the dashboard. There are only two buttons on Velar's dashboard and even they're made of glance plastic. So, you will always need to carry a little piece of rag to clean your screens.
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