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Jaguar XS Should Get Torque Vectoring Technology

Though news of the Jaguar XS has been scarce recently, we do know the British car manufacturer has not been sitting idly by. For the 2019 model year, Jaguar’s F-Type lineup will come standard with their brake-based torque vectoring technology.

“The revised Jaguar F-Type boasts a number of updates, including a bigger infotainment screen, special paint and torque vectoring”, reports AutoExpress. In addition to the listed changes, the 2019 refresh also comes with a new naming structure that’s power based. What used to be the entry-level trim will be badged F-Type P300 and the two V6 powered variants will be dubbed P340 and P380.

Most importantly, Jaguar’s Torque Vectoring by Braking will be standard technology throughout the lineup. The system helps maximises control through corners by providing independent braking on the inside front and rear wheels, thus ensuring your car won’t roll over of slip while turning. Already featured in every XE trim available, it is very likely to appear as a standard system in future Jaguar models including the XS.

Let us hope Jaguar comments on the XS soon as we haven’t heard much since the company filed a trademark in Europe for “Jaguar XS” last summer.
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